Viola Davis credits “temporary insanity” with taking on the role of this former First Lady.

In a March 26 episode of The Tonight Show, the How to Get Away With Murder alum shared what was going through her mind when she accepted the role of Michelle Obama in Showtime’s upcoming series First Ladies, which chronicles the lives of some of the most iconic women of the White House.

“I lost my damn mind for about five minutes, and I made a decision I can’t take back,” Viola explained to host Jimmy Fallon. “The woman is a damn goddess. Everybody knows her, everybody feels like they want to protect her. Here’s the thing: I’m just going to do the best I can.”

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Michelle Obama And Friends Pen Open Letter Calling All Americans To Fight For Voting Rights

She may be out of the White House, but former First Lady Michelle Obama has not ceased in her passion for public service. Despite letting the world know that she has no intention of running for office any time soon, Mrs. Obama continues to advocate for all Americans who should have the ability to fairly execute their right to vote.

Along with several celebrity friends, co-chairs, and ambassadors of the non-partisan organization When We All Vote, Mrs. Obama has written an open letter to all Americans to grab ahold of your power and take action by calling, emailing or even tweeting your local Senators to support the passing of the For the People Act. This important piece of civil rights legislation has the power to expand voting rights and transform the way campaigns are run and organized.

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