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Silicon Valley star Thomas Middleditch has been accused of sexual misconduct towards a then-21-year-old woman while the two were on the dance floor. of the now-defunct private Goth club Cloak & Dagger in Hollywood back in 2019.

In an expose published on Sunday, the L.A. Times reported that according to club-goer Hannah Harding, Middleditch made “lewd sexual overtures” toward her and her girlfriend in front of several employees including Kate Morgan, operations manager of the members-only club where Middleditch was one of many famous faces who was a regular at the notoriously “uninhibited” parties.

Morgan told the Times she alerted co-founders Adam Bravin and Michael Patterson of the unwelcome behavior but felt like “they dismissed it.” It was not until a week later, she says, that Bravin reached out to her about the incident, and even then only to tell her that she must have been mistaken.

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